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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3


There are three classes in Year 3 - 3J taught by Mrs Johnson, 3L taught by Miss Lee and 3W taught by Miss Wilmore.


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3J's brilliant assembly on our school values.

Year 2's visit school for a morning of Orienteering.

Biscuit tasting and comparing ready for making and baking next week.

3L - Enjoying problem solving with fractions

3J- Soccer Academy

3W - Playing Boccia

3J - Making a birds eye view of the classroom

3L - Performing Music to fit Snow White and the 7 dwarves

All Year 3 enjoyed making willow sculptures

Sports Day

In R.E this week we all made Deva lamps as part of our light and dark topic.

Do you like our 3D shapes we made in Maths this week.

Year 3 are looking forward to seeing what the willow artist will create this year!

3W- Writing a poem with Wes Magee

3L - Making Scary book mark monsters

3J - Sharing their book objects so the class could guess which book they were from.

Gymnastics Club

Year 3 School Trip

3L Class Assembly

Assertive Mentoring

Fun photographs of our after school clubs. Keep your eye out for next half terms clubs.

3W - Fun with water. Learning to read scales on measuring jugs.

All Year 3 cave art painting

3J -Investigating Stone Age tools and learning to discover more about the past from things that have been found in the ground

3W - Doing a Big Write as if they were stuck in The Stone Age. Writing a letter home to describe it.

3L's amazing homework this week. We hope you're enjoying creating a Stone Age tool.

This week Year 3 have mostly been reading! Group, individual and teacher led. We are determined that everyone will get to the Reading Reward.

Year 3 Tuesday Club

3L - RE Painting

3W - Science push and pulls

3J - Painting the Easter Story

P.E Lesson

3W - Creative writing for a certain special someone

3J - Writing about seeing Tutan tomb for the first time

3J performed in this Year's Dance Festival at KGH.  The overall theme was technology so 3J dressed and danced as robots.
Year 3 had an expert Eqyptian historian in school on Thursday.  All the children enjoyed dressing up and learning about life as farmers, soldiers and a Pharaoh.
3W Class Assembly the children worked really hard and learnt their mini Egyptian play which they performed in front of parents.

3J Dance Festival at KGH

Year 3 Brief update

Autumn Term Parent Booklet