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Early Help

What is Early Help?


Early help, also known as early intervention, is support given to a family when a problem first emerges. It can be provided at any stage in a child or young person's life.


Statutory guidance in each nation of the UK highlights the importance of providing early intervention, rather than waiting until a child or family’s situation escalates.  


Early help services can be delivered to parents, children or whole families, but their main focus is to improve outcomes for children. For example, services may help parents who are living in challenging circumstances provide a safe and loving environment for their child. Or, if a child is displaying risk-taking behaviour, early help practitioners might work with the child and their parents to find out the reasons for the child's behaviour and put strategies in place to help keep them safe.


Providing timely support is vital. Addressing a child or family's needs early on can reduce risk factors and increase protective factors in a child's life (Early Intervention Foundation (EIF), 2021).

Protective factors can reduce risk to a child's wellbeing. They include:

  • developing strong social and emotional skills
  • having a strong social support network for the family – including support
  • for good parental mental health
  • income support, benefits and advice
  • good community services and facilities


It is more effective to provide early help when problems first arise than to intervene later (DfE, 2018; EIF, 2021).


Early intervention can also prevent further problems from developing – for example, as part of a support plan for a child and their family when a child returns home from care (DfE, 2018).


How do I access Early Help?


If you feel your family may benefit from Early Help and support, you can make contact with any of the following staff.  All contact will be confidential and will solely focus on helping your family thrive.


Please contact our Wellbeing Team if you want any help or advice 



Senior Safeguarding Lead

Wellbeing Coordinator 

Miss Rachel Ainsworth

School and Family Liaison Worker

Mrs Natalie Eccles

School and Family Liaison Worker

Mrs Tara Birch

Pupil Wellbeing Mentor

Mrs Leanda Lomax

Attendance Officer

Mrs Christine Carey