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Our Values and Ethos

Our values
At Longshaw we have a clear set values by which we live. We hope that these are developed in our children as they pass through school. These values are present in our curriculum, our ethos and the general daily interactions between all of the Longshaw family. None is more important than the others and together they articulate our aims as a school in this particular community:
Aspiration –to achieve as much as we can in every endeavour.
Teamwork – the ability to collaborate to good effect.
Enthusiasm – the keen desire to take on new challenges.
Determination – the will to succeed when the task is difficult.
Respect – paying due regard to the needs and feelings of others.
Honesty – truthful acceptance of all situations.
Compassion –adopting a caring attitude towards the difficulties of others.
Responsibility – Seeking to achieve a positive effect from our individual actions.
Along with our mission statement and our school motto these values sum up the distinctive nature of Longshaw Community Junior School.
In order to ensure our school values are always high priority, our school curriculum is designed around them.  We revisit our values on a rolling programme each week throughout the academic year. Our values are displayed in every classroom (and the hall) to ensure our children understand and appreciate their importance.