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The D.F.E places a statutory requirement on schools to provide key information about their uniform policy. In order to detail this information we have taken the requirements from the D.F.E. and provided our approach for each point. If you have any further questions or queries, please contact the school and ask for Mr Berry.


 Where a school has a school uniform, should:


  • clearly state whether an item is optional or required


Our approach to uniform is straightforward. We do not expect parents and carers to fund any unecessary items whatsoever. The only branded item that we expect, is a school jumper or cardigan to ensure our children have a sense of identity and pride in their school . As far as PE kits go, we keep this simple. White t-shirts can be badged with the Longshaw crest or a plain white t-shirt is perfectly acceptable. Plain black shorts from the supermarket or from our uniform providers are expected. Football shirts and other sportswear is not permitted. Although our prospectus states black pumps for PE, we also encourage children to wear trainers. We will update this point in our next prospectus. If the weather is cold, a pair of blue or black joggers/leggings are encouraged in case the session is outdoors. Furthermore, children must only wear their school school jumper or cardigan for PE outdoors - hoodies are not permitted.  


  • make clear if the item will only be worn at certain times of the year (for example, if it’s summer or winter uniform)


In order to make school uniform accessible to all, summer uniform is entirely optional. Shorts and summer dresses are permitted but not necessary. We leave this decision to our Parents and Carers.  


  • make clear whether a generic item will be accepted or if a branded item is required


The only branded item that is required is a Longshaw jumper or cardigan. All other items are entirely generic. Feel free to shop around and get the best deals.


  • make clear whether an item can only be purchased from a specific retailer or if it can be purchased more widely, including from second-hand retailers


Most families buy our uniform from Grays or Whittakers in Blackburn town centre. We encourage families and friends to reuse and recycle uniform as long as it is in good order. In addition, we also have a used uniform sale at the end of each term. All of these items are heavily discounted, in good condition and in some cases even brand new. It is always worth having a look if you need to stock up or plan ahead. 


  • jewellery and earrings (additional information):


We do not allow any jewellery or earrings. However, plastic studs are permitted. These must be plain and lay flat against the earlobe.