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Remote Learning Overview and Policies

Remote Learning 2021


From the 5th of January all children will move to remote learning. We expect the children to be logged on to Class Dojo for registration at 08.50am Monday to Friday. Teachers will be on hand throughout the day to support your child with any questions or queries. It is vitally important that your child completes their work each day to ensure they keep up with their classmates. If you are having any technical difficulties, please contact the school and we will offer you support. Remote learning is not optional, your child must attend each day. If your child is ill, please let us know and we will mark them as absent. We have sent out a significant number of laptops and will continue to support those families most in need. If your child is struggling to access the work because you do not have a device that is suitable, please contact school and we will assist you. Below you will find an overview of our approach to remote learning. Our policy provides and in-depth description into our approaches to teaching children whilst they are off site. If you have an questions, do not hesitate to contact the school and ask for Mr Berry. 


Our ongoing approach to Remote Learning when school is fully open 


If your child is unable to attend school due to a Covid-19 related issue, their learning will go online. 


We have three stages in our approach to remote learning:

Stage 1 - Waiting for a test

Stage 2 - Isolating for 10 -14 days

Stage 3 - Class Bubble closes


Each stage is slightly different and has been designed with our children in mind. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with our Remote Learning Policy so you know what to do at each stage.


All remote learning is provided through Class Dojo. Please make sure you have your child's login details to hand so your child can access their learning immediately. 


Laptops are available for families that do not have multiple devices in the household. If you are in this position, contact school.


If you have any questions our queries, please contact to school office and ask for Mr Berry.


In summary, our policy is designed to ensure that teachers:


  • Set assignments so that pupils have meaningful and ambitious work each day in a number of different subjects
  • Set work that is of equivalent length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school, an average of 4 hours per day
  • Provide frequent, clear explanations of new content, delivered by a teacher or through high-quality curriculum resources or videos
  • Have systems for checking, daily, whether pupils are engaging with their work, and inform parents immediately where engagement is a concern
  • Gauge how well pupils are progressing through the curriculum and provide feedback, usually daily, using digitally facilitated or whole-class feedback where appropriate
  • Adjust the pace or difficulty of what is being taught in response to questions or assessments, including, where necessary, revising material or simplifying explanations to ensure pupils’ understanding

Remote Learning Policy

Class Dojo Policy